Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm Wearing: vintage striped oversized button up, vintage jean jacket, levis shorts, maroon tights, black tights, urban outfitters shoes
Photos by Caitlin Funk

The one thing I don't like about traveling around Europe is that they don't exactly let you take much luggage on your trip. I was in Amsterdam for a total of three days, which means I would normally pack clothes for at least 2 weeks, but that wasn't possible this time. I had a small carry on suitcase and I could only take enough clothes for the weekend. I may sound crazy, but I was really upset about this. Anyways, the weather was quite nice all weekend, except for an out-of-nowhere hail and snowstorm (tell you about that tomorrow.) I love this oversized shirt because most of the time, it covers my shorts and it looks like i'm not wearing any pants at all...aka people love to stare at it! I even had one bartender in Amsterdam come up to me and tell me that she's never seen a guy in tights in Amsterdam, but that she loved it, which was hilarious. I decided I'd pack pretty comfortably for the weekend, but I wasn't prepared for how laid back Amsterdam style is. Oddly, people wear jeans and sweatshirts to the best club in the city...I was a little annoyed by this. I figured we'd be walking around a lot, however I didn't anticipate how much we'd actually walk! Let's just say I'm glad we did though, because the amount of food we ate was unreal.  More Amsterdam style coming tomorrow, and I'll post some fun pictures from my weekend soon. xx


Anonymous said...

Intersesting style. Is it common for men to wear tights in Europe or certain countries ? Wondering if I could wear similar when I visit there.

Anonymous said...

I have started wearing tights out in public. No big deal really, on flickr.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a pair of thick black tights in their wardrobe.