Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm wearing: black jeans, gray silence&noise sweater tank top, vintage leather jacket, urban outfitters circle scarf, urban outfitters shoes, friends red mittens 
Photos by: Chantal Hersey

Sunday afternoon was absolutely beautiful in Amsterdam, but as we were walking to find the I Amsterdam sign, the sky suddenly got really dark and out of nowhere, a hail storm began. It was such an amazing moment when this happened, we couldn't have been more excited. The streets quickly became covered in hail and snow, the wind was insanely strong, and we danced around, pretending to speak Dutch, realizing how lucky we were in that moment. We finally made it to a bar to get out of the snow for a little bit, and within an hour, after a few beers, it was sunny and warm again. I'm glad I wore all black on this day, it went along with mother nature's crazy mood. This leather jacket is quickly becoming one of my favorite things, but I didn't have many options while in Amsterdam seeing as I could only bring a small bag. Which reminds me, I won't be able to blog much over the next few weeks as I will be traveling around Europe, visiting Berlin, Barcelona, and Venice. The good thing about flying around Europe is that it's so cheap...the bad thing is that they only let you bring a carry on bag, so somehow, I need to plan for two weeks of clothing in just a small suitcase... This is going to be interesting. So, don't mind if I'm MIA for a bit, i'll do my best to keep you updated on what's going on, but it's going to be hard. When I get back to Paris, things will be back to normal! More later, xx. 

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