Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm Wearing: vintage red blazer, vintage blue top, vintage versace jeans, h&m boots
Photos by: Kayla Harvey

I originally loved the idea of this outfit, but I don't like how it looks in pictures (especially with that awkward pose I came up with). The colors were too good to pass up, though. I'm feeling pretty comfortable today wearing this though. The past few days have been really amazing. I spent the day drinking at an Irish pub on Wednesday, followed by an impromptu trip to the Louvre. Yesterday was spent with my new friends, taking photos, eating the most unhealthy food, and then going out last night. We started off in Bastille and ended the night at a club on Champs Elysee where we danced until 4:30 in the morning. So, as you can imagine, I'm not feeling too well today. But, over the past few days I've really been starting to feel at home in Paris, and I couldn't be happier. Time to recover. More on Monday. xx

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