Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm Wearing: vintage cutoff tshirt, vintage leopard print coat, levis cutoff shorts, pattern tights, h&m boots, vintage bag
Photos by Kayla Harvey

If you haven't noticed yet, I currently love wearing these fake glasses, pretty much everyday. I realize they look better with some outfits more than others, but they just seem to gravitate towards my face every morning. Glasses are so fun. Of course as a guy, they are pretty much the only accessory I get to wear on my face so I collect all sorts of fake glasses because why shouldn't my face have fun too, right?! This is a pretty casual look, something I would throw on to run errands or relax at home. I'm a big fan of mixing styles, aka, grungy shorts and cut off tee with this leopard coat that would normally be styled with something a little bit more...fancy? Anyways, I had a great Valentines Day with great friends. The conversation was deep at times and hilarious at others, and the vodka was flowing of course. My friends Audrey, Haleigh, and Imogen are all so inspirational to me and when we get together, I feel like I actually have a chance at doing something with my life! I'm starting to feel like I have a little family here in Paris and I couldn't be happier. On that note, off to explore. More tomorrow. xx


Modem├Ądchen said...

love it!!!

Anisa Young said...

WAIT, youre friends with Audrey from Frassy?! REALLY? WOAH!