Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm Wearing: vintage plaid blazer, black american apparel sheer top, vintage suede shorts, vintage sunglasses, urban outfitters knitted circle scarf, h&m boots, and vintage bag
Photos by: Kayla Harvey

Some days, I just really don't feel like wearing pants. As I said before, I chose an awful time of year to discover this brilliant phenomenon, but the frigid cold in Paris hasn't stopped me at all. My suede shorts pretended to keep part of my legs warm today while my oversized knitted scarf compensated for my shorts lack of success. But, not even the absolutely freezing temperatures could keep me from exploring my new home. The sun came out today which gave me a perfect excuse to wear these silly sunglasses, that I have been longing to wear, and this outfit provided me with the perfect color combination to wear them. Overall, after living in Paris for about a month, I can say that no matter what, if the sun is out, I will be too. There's nothing better than exploring this amazing city in the sunshine, no matter how cold it is, stopping at every café you see to warm your hands and have another delicious coffee. Moral of the story: get out there and enjoy! I will probably talk about how amazing it is to live in Paris quite often, but only because it really is a magical city that I am beyond lucky to be able to now call home. Until tomorrow. xx

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Paris said...

bienvenue cheri, bisous.