Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm Wearing: american apparel black oversized sweater, h&m black tee, white american apparel tank top, h&m leather look-alike pants, h&m boots, addicted skull scarf, vintage leather jacket 
Photos by: Kayla Harvey

I'm willing to bet that I hate Monday mornings more than anyone else ever could, especially this one in particular. It was a great weekend filled with laughs, drunk heart to hearts, great friends, great food, and even better champagne. What makes this day even harder for me is that last Thursday I decided that I needed to take a little personal day and not go to school, meaning I haven't been to school since Wednesday. Instead, I spent the day with my good friends Audrey of Frassy and Ana and did a fun photo shoot in the streets of Paris. (more to come on that soon) I finally felt free this weekend, like I could really enjoy everything Paris has to offer. Between the Louvre last week, the Pompidou this weekend, lovely new British friends, and the slightly warmer weather, I'm sad that it has to be over. For those of you in Paris, I highly recommend checking out the Pompidou if you haven't already. Aside from checking out the amazing art on Saturday, my friend and I returned last night to have drinks at the bar on the top level with a few friends. The view is one of the best I've seen so far, so sipping champagne with great company and a great view made me one happy kid. The funniest part of the night was that my dear friend and I decided (unknowingly) to both wear red pants, so when we stepped off the metro to meet each other, we burst out laughing, knowing how ridiculous we must look walking next to each other. We tried to think of excuses for when we met our friends at the bar, but ended up walking in exclaiming, "We swear this wasn't planned!" We even walked by some interesting guys who seemed to be in a little gang, chuckling about our 'pantalon rouge.' Needless to say, it was a great weekend in Paris that I was sad to see end, which is why I decided to smother myself in layers of black clothing this morning. I was totally excited to realize that I didn't really need my leather jacket on when I got outside. Even though it wasn't THAT warm, anything above 0 celsius is reason to celebrate these days. more tomorrow. xx

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