Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm Wearing: vintage orange blazer, white sheer american apparel shirt, bloomingdales corduroy leggings, h&m boots, vintage briefcase
Photos by Kayla Harvey

It's embarrassingly taking me all morning to write this post because my brain is completely turned off after last night. My friend and I had the most fabulous night at the Pompidou where we met for "a drink," which soon turned into way too many drinks followed by way too many shots. Basically, I think that the Pompidou has never had customers like us, being such a classy place. The best part though is that rather than being obnoxious Americans, we turned the charm way up and by the end of the night, had about 12 new friends that had joined us around our table, as we continued to order more shots from our server and new friend Kevin. All in all, we probably won't show our faces there again for at least a few days, incase we left anything at the bar (aka our dignity). But contrary to what you may have heard, if you're nice enough, sneaking in on the conversation next to you, of course in French, is a great way to make new friends. We of course asked what their favorite vodka drink was, which started a beautiful new friendship. On to today...as you can probably assume, after my friend Lily and I woke up in my bed, not knowing how we got there, I am relaxing on this wonderful Valentine's Day that I "keep forgetting about." Rather than channeling Cupid in my outfit, I decided I'd shoot for another holiday to show that I really don't like this day...Instead, I chose my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! I'm absolutely obsessed with this vintage blazer that I stumbled upon in San Francisco. The fabric and pattern are just too good. Now I'm off to do more homework, I hope you all are having a great Valentines Day, you can find me out with my friends tonight #singlesparty. xx

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