Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm wearing: vintage jean jacket, vintage oversized flannel, h&m tank top, bloomingdales jeggings, urban outfitters circle scarf, forever 21 beanie 
Photos by: Caitlin Funk

I'm finally back from two week trip around Europe and I couldn't be more excited to be back in this amazing city that I call home. When I left Italy this morning it was warm and sunny, and even though it's cold and rainy in Paris tonight, the city looks beautiful and I am going out for a walk soon to wander around the city that I've missed so much. My outfit options were limited during these two weeks, which was the hardest part because I normally travel with so much, but not this time! Embarrassingly, this flannel is making an appearance two times in a row, but I guess that shows how much I love it. The air was crisp like the fall in Berlin, but we explored for hours each day, getting lost in parks, site seeing, etc. I got to catch up with some good friends from San Francisco too, which made me a little homesick for California! Overall, Berlin was a blast, I loved getting to be a tourist in some pretty comfy outfits while running around snapping photos. More on my trip tomorrow. xx

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