Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm wearing: vintage jean jacket, h&m tank, zara gold zip jeans, vintage combat boots, cady shadwick necklace
Photos by: Lily Merrill 

The sun is out in Paris and I couldn't be happier! To celebrate, I'm wearing my new favorite jeans from Zara that are gold and sparkle in the sun light. They are actually kind of blinding if you look at them while the sun is shining on me, which I think is hilarious. Normally I'd style them a bit more dressed up, with a blazer and shoes, but lately I've been feeling pretty grungy, trying to make every outfit have a bit of grunge/edge to it (hence the combat boots and jean jacket). Nothing is more fun than strolling around Paris in the sun while someone takes photos of you, but by the end of this I was ready to put a tshirt and shorts on! I guess that means spring is finally here. Attention all my Paris friends: grab a bottle of wine and meet me in the Tuileries, please! More tomorrow. xx

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