Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm Wearing: vintage cut off tee, h&m tank, red beanie, forever 21 cross necklace, american apparel oversized knit sweater, american apparel harem pants, vintage boots and glasses
Photos by: Caitlin Funk

Just a few quick snapshots from today. Again, I'm really sorry about the horrible quality of my photos lately, I promise things will improve next week! Spent the afternoon with a friend enjoying the sun in the Tuileries, then did a little shopping at Colette afterwards, and ended the night with McFlurries at McDonalds. Ha! I've always wanted to wear these harem pants but I was always a little scared, but today I just went for it, pairing them with (of course) my favorite tee and a big black sweater. Since I didn't have anything to do today (or much to do recently, for that matter) I haven't really wanted to be dressed up during the day. You could call it a fashion rut...But, of course, I'm running a fashion blog here! I'm sorry for my laziness, but there is definitely a light at the end of my pity tunnel. Stay tuned for good things coming soon. x

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