Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm wearing: red beanie, vintage flannel, alternative apparel gray tshirt, levis 511 skinny jeans, h&m suede boots, thrifted leather backpack
Photos by: Caitlin Funk 

Just a quick few snapshots of what I wore to school today. Monday mornings always have me feeling a bit lazy and uninspired, especially because I know that the amazing weekend I just had has to unfortunately end. After a long 9 hour day of school, I joined a few friends at Pont des Arts for a little picnic above the Seine. The breeze was warm, tons of people were out drinking wine with friends, and it was another great night. As for what I'm wearing, I have the largest collection of flannel shirts you could ever imagine, so it's always fun choosing which one to wear. I'm not normally one for actual denim colored jeans, but today I was just feeling really casual. Paired it with this amazing leather backpack (which I now realize I was wearing too low) and called it a day. More exciting things to come tomorrow. x


Jasmin said...

amazing sense for style!


Daphne said...

Your blog is amazing, you have amazing taste!

Have a great day,

kingandclutch said...

thank you! x

kingandclutch said...

thanks girl! x