Thursday, April 19, 2012


Photos by Anastasia Nielsen 
I'm Wearing: asos sunglasses, vintage hat and fur, h&m smiley tank top, h&m leather knee pants, madden boots

As I said yesterday, the weather has been so awful here in Paris over the past few weeks, but it's given me a great excuse to dig back into my fur collection (which is much larger than anyone could ever imagine). From thunderstorms to freezing temperatures to hail and rainbows, Paris has seen it all this week. Lately, I'm really obsessed with pairing black and brown together. It's totally unconventional but it's been looking awesome to me recently. Paired with the rainy gray streets of Paris makes for some great photos, I really love the colors here. Some friends and I spent the day together working and laughing yesterday, we decided that we have to work together more often, makes it so much less of a chore! But we ventured out for our usual Starbucks run in the rain, these photos are the result of dodging under every awning over every store to stay dry. Long day of class today, see you on Facebook and Twitter until tomorrow. 


Luna Tiger said...

Awesome look !!!
Feel free to check out my blog :

Kathleen said...

your style is seriously SO amazing..loove everything bout this outfit! you make gloomy weather look so cool and chic ;).
P.S. Now following your blog on blog lovin! :)


kingandclutch said...

kathleen, you're so sweet!! thanks so much, hopefully see you when i move back to california! xxx