Wednesday, April 18, 2012


2. Audrey, Ana, and I
3. Jack made it to Paris for the party! Audrey, Elle, Jack, & Adam
4. Audrey, Addison and I
5. Audrey, Addison, Elle, and I
6. Audrey and Jack via iPad!
7. My two favorite people ever, Audrey, Ana and I, being ourselves
8. Lovely Addison and I dancing
9.Wonderful little present Ana brought back from England for me!
10. Anna looking great
11. Sara, Audrey, Ana, and I cuddling on the couch
I'm wearing: vintage denim jacket, ASOS sunglasses, blue baseball hat, H&M smiley tank, vintage fur

Once again, we managed to have yet another ridiculous crazy fun weekend here in Paris. Nights always start out as casual get-together's early in the evening and within a few hours turn into huge parties complete with dancing, fancy outfits, and more wine than we'd like to admit. But there is never a dull moment with my friends in Paris which is what I love so much about them. Anyways, the weathers been completely awful lately, but it's given me an excuse to get all my fur out again. (I'm not complaining, I just didn't think it would be so soon!) The days have been cold and rainy and definitely not ideal for photographing outfits, but we definitely don't let the weather ever bring us down. I'm luckily feeling much better today than I was earlier in the week, but I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening tonight with a couple funny movies. More tomorrow, until then see you on Facebook and Twitter.


Sophie said...

Such a great post!! You're all having so much fun - great images!


Melina said...

awesome photos!