Tuesday, April 10, 2012


All Photos By: Anastasia Nielsen

1. Frassy and King&Clutch
2. Sara, Audrey and I. I'm wearing vintage blazer, holding Frassy Unicorn Tee & white Frassy spheres 
3. Looking out the window (eating) at Easter Brunch. I'm wearing vintage denim, cutoff tee, and boots
4. Too tired to look up. Wearing A's hat
5. Audrey and I
6. Teaching Audrey how to fly, I'm wearing vintage blazer & purple Frassy spheres
7. Audrey and I taking to the streets of Paris 
8. Audrey & Ana
9. Audrey, her new coke bottle head rest invention, & Frassy Lip Tattoos 
10. Audrey, Sara, & Ana
11. Audrey and I dancing. I'm wearing vintage blazer & Audrey's glasses 

What an amazing weekend it's been. I couldn't have asked for a better Easter holiday, so I thought I'd share with you guys again what a typical weekend for me in Paris looks like. I'm thinking about doing a post like this every week so you can all see my life with my crazy amazing fashion friends. We always manage to have amazing nights after playing dress up and shooting photos during the day. I stayed pretty casual all weekend, but I love all of these photos nonetheless. The weather hasn't been too great here in Paris so it gave me an excuse to be a little lazy with my outfits. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend as well, whether you celebrate or not. More tomorrow, but see you on Twitter and Facebook until then. x

By the way, my lovely friend Cady is offering you guys 15% off of her vintage treasures at her Etsy shop.. you can check her out here. Use discount code kingandclutch15off now until Sunday evening! 


world on high heels said...

Great photos! :)

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lovin the pics looks like youve been having fun xxxx

Patrik Petersson said...

NIce pictures!

Tea Joeli said...

Great blog:)
Kisses from New York!

kingandclutch said...

thanks! x

kingandclutch said...

haha thank you!

kingandclutch said...

having a blast always! x

kingandclutch said...

thanks! xx

kingandclutch said...

say hi to New York for me! x

Unknown said...

Love the photos!

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Todo es perfectamente divertido.