Sunday, May 27, 2012


Photos by: Anastasia Nielsen
I'm wearing: vintage leather jacket, hat and combat boots, levi's altered skinny jeans, h&m beatles abbey road tee

Casual Sunday for me today, I threw on some ripped jeans and a t-shirt to do some errands around the city. But, within five minutes my jacket was off and hanging over my shoulder, the weather is so beautiful in Paris lately! Nothing beats summer by the Seine, so I'm off to get some stuff done so I can enjoy the weather before it's too late. More tomorrow, see you on Facebook and Twitter until then. 


marionachic said...

fantastic fantastic blog!!!i love your style!!!

Iván Moya said...

Oh man, i fall in love with your looks!



Milan Boya said...

niiiice <3

Benjamin Metz said...

your leather jacket is amazing!! i really need one, too. <3

Audrey Leighton said...

you so hot jarr-eddd

Unknown said...

J'adore ton blog. fantastique !