Sunday, May 6, 2012


Photos by: Anastasia Nielsen
I'm Wearing: h&m tank, american apparel sheer button up, vintage blazer & hat

I love playing with different shades of one color in an outfit. Today I'm wearing all blue, but about eight different shades of it (and of course a gold collar and buttons to complement it). It's not raining at the moment so some friends and I are taking advantage of it and going to a Flea Market here in Paris. I haven't been shopping in months, shockingly, because Paris tends to eat all of my money, and I need some new things! Even if you just window shop, Flea Markets are the best way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with your friends. See you on Facebook and Twitter until tomorrow. 


Iván Moya said...

So cool as always!!

Greetings from

Joana said...

I love your handbag, the blue is divine. Flea Markets are so much fun...You can find the craziest and the coolest things there!

- Joana

Audrey Leighton said...

damn that handbag and blazer are great. where you get those boyf? xxxx