Saturday, May 5, 2012


Photos by: Anastasia Nielsen
I'm wearing: vintage cut off tee, h&m tank, black tights, bed:stu boots, eBay envelope clutch

There's nothing better than throwing on your favorite vintage tee shirt and some fun accessories and calling it a day. This was originally an extremely boxy heavy tee that I was not pleased with, so I got out my scissors and chopped off the arms. When I still was bored with it, I got a little crazy and cut off the sides completely and now it's one of my favorite shirts. I probably do this to too many of my shirts now, but they are so much more fun this way. Still have a long day of writing and studying ahead of me, trying to get a lot done so I can hopefully celebrate Cinqo de Mayo tonight! As much as I love Paris, I would do anything to be in LA today to celebrate, it was always such a fun day in California. More tomorrow, see you on Facebook and Twitter today. 


Haleigh @ REBELLE said...

GOOD. LOOKIN'. Dayum I wish I had legs to rival yours.

XXOXO haleighhhhh

Sophie said...

I adore the clutch - great look!


Joana Chaves said...

The clutch is fabulous, loving the wrist cuffs too.

xo Joana

Squared said...

Awesome! Love your necklace <3