Friday, May 18, 2012


Photos by: Anastasia Nielsen
I'm Wearing: vintage blazer, button up, and hat, ASOS sunglasses, urban outfitters shoes

I've been missing in action for a few days, but only because life in Paris has been completely crazy. Some friends from school went home for the summer, and I probably won't see them for a long time because I'm moving back to California soon, so I tried to spend some time with them before they took off. Also had some time to do some thrifting, found this amazing blazer that has become one of my favorite pieces. Paired with some stars, stripes, and polka dots and and I feel like a party. Speaking of, a friend is throwing a party tonight and we're supposed to dress as something that begins with the first letter of our names. I've got about twenty more minutes to figure out if I'm going to be Jessica Simpson or Jupiter. Or as my friends suggested, a jar. What great options I've got...Anyways, more tomorrow! 


Iván Moya said...

Cool man! Perfect as always!

I love your style!!



Benjamin Metz said...

love this! but you know it i think... :)
you're great!

best wishes from berlin. x

Unknown said...

Como que debo hacer para que me alegres con un mensaje vuestro en mi blog??? Me encanta en sobremanera el vuestro. Un abrazo.

Derrar said...

I love this shirt! It's like a pajama shirt ^^

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