Thursday, June 21, 2012


Photos by: Heidi Shartrand
I'm Wearing: vintage shirt, hat, and shorts, urban outfitters shoes

Summer is officially here, and if you can't tell, I'm in Massachusetts. The scenery is quite different from what you're used to seeing, but so far, it's been a nice change of pace getting away from the city life. So, this is where I was born: the middle of nowhere Massachusetts. I don't spend much time here anymore, but it's nice and relaxing anytime I do come. I tried to find the prettiest locations for these photos to show you guys a little bit of Massachusetts. Anyways, these green shorts are actually my mom's pants, which I rolled up and put on over tights, it's been so hot here that I'm trying to wear as little clothing as possible. But, I love the mint and blue colors together. The shirt was my very last thrift store purchase before I left Paris, so I guess it will probably always hold some meaning for me! Anyways, more tomorrow, but see you on Facebook and Twitter until then.


Boston Hose said...

tights are fantastic in any weather! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yet again, you look very nice with printed shirt. This one a unique chains printed shirt.

Apolline said...

Great look ! Love your shorts :)