Friday, June 8, 2012


Photos by: Haleigh Castaing Walsworth 
I'm wearing: Zara basic leather pants, white tee, vintage fur coat, mesh tee, and baseball cap

It's official, I left Paris. I've been having crazy mixed emotions nonstop since last week, but the past few days have been especially hard. Saying goodbye to my best friends and knowing I won't see them for a few months has been extremely hard. But, to celebrate my life in Paris, we went out for one last celebration to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Paris (go figure!) It's nice to be home now and see family and enjoy the simple life for a few weeks, but I'm counting down the days until I can get back to Paris. Unfortunately my last few days were pretty winter-like. I can't believe I had to dig out a fur coat from the bottom of my suitcase in June! But, this will officially be the last time until fall since I'm back in the States now. And lets talk about this tshirt! My dear friend Ana let me wear it and I fell in love, it's destroyed in all the right places, and it's such a fun shirt to wear. (And, when my coat wasn't on, I definitely turned some heads!) Anyways, more soon, see you on Facebook and Twitter until then. 


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Love the tshirt!