Sunday, June 24, 2012


Photos by: Heidi Shartrand
I'm Wearing: vintage denim shorts, button up, blazer, and hat, urban outfitters shoes

What a nice weekend it's been. The weather today was absolutely perfect, not too hot, just right. This outfit is one of the products of my thrifting spree I went on the other day. The Goodwill in my hometown is so incredibly cheap and has some of the greatest things. This blazer, along with four others, cost me only four dollars. You can't really beat that, can you?! So, I threw together a few different patterns from what I found while thrifting to create this look. Even though the colors are pretty dark, it feels pretty summer-y to me and I'm now going through my entire wardrobe looking for more fun patterns to play with. And just to fill you all in, one more week until I'm back in San Francisco and I couldn't be more excited! More tomorrow, see you on Facebook and Twitter until then. 


Iván Moya said...

Great jacket!!!



Milan Boya said...

wonderful blazer <3

Frannie Pantz said...

God love Goodwill and floral blazers!

Squared said...

love this outfit! Awesome style!

Style Dilettante said...

Very sophisticated mix of patterns here...! I L-O-V-E San Fran, can't say I blame you for being excited!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love this outfit! xx