Monday, July 9, 2012


Photos by: Heidi Shartrand
I'm Wearing: Vintage levi's shorts, blazer, and shoes, American Apparel sheer tank

Layered a lot of black today. Monday mornings are never fun, and I spent mine at the DMV for three hours. I guess wearing black suited my mood after waiting in a few different lines for hours. But, finally, I renewed my license which seems like it should only take a few minutes! Anyways, my birthday was on Saturday so this weekend has been totally crazy, between that and getting settled in my apartment in San Francisco and seeing all my friends again, let's just say I haven't slept much. So, today is dedicated solely to catching up on sleep, and maybe a quick trip to a few of my favorite SF thrift stores this afternoon. More tomorrow, see you on Facebook and Twitter until then.  


Iván Moya said...

I like the shirt!!



May65 said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you had a nice one. Wish I was with you in California. Love Ya Helen