Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm Wearing: Vintage Trench Coat, vintage polka dot button up, Cheap Monday Black Jeans, Dr. Martens Creepers 

Talk about switching things up... If I've learned anything over the past few months, it's that things change. Life changes, friends change, clothes change, the damn weather changes. That's one thing in life that is just pretty much freaking inevitable. But, isn't that kind of a good thing? Who wants to stay the same all the time? I, for one, get really god damn bored if things don't change pretty often. So, why not just embrace it? What I'm trying to say is, don't stay still... embrace life and run with it! Now, I thought I was going somewhere with this thought, but essentially, it all just kind of has to do with some new ideas I have for this blog, and how I want to portray myself to the world. After all, this blog is essentially my stage, and you all are my audience. While I totally love everything I've been doing over the past year, I feel like I've been a little lost...From moving to Paris, and then moving back to California, and meeting tons of new friends who inspire me, to becoming so busy with work, my head has been spinning for all of 2012 and I think I've realized that not only have I evolved personally this year, but within the past few months, my style has totally evolved too. So, things are looking up now, and I think I can totally make this blog reflect that. First up, I took these fun photos yesterday at the Copious offices...won't be sticking to this white backdrop but hey, I thought it'd be a fun little [change!] And now that you're all sleeping after reading my speech about CHANGE, I'll stop! More soon, see you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram til then. Photos: Emma Starks 


Unknown said...

Los lunares son geniales. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte a conocer un poco de mi país en estas increibles fotografias, muévete a verlas, valen la pena. Besos y besos.

MILEX said...

the best


love that blog! RoCKS

Eros Buzza said...

combined very good - love how your martens match with the polka dot shirt ;)

Eros (

Unknown said...

Wah, love this look. Those shoes are to die for, seriously..