Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'm Wearing: H&M Varsity Jacket, Basic Black Tee, Cheap Monday Black Jeans, Bed Stu Boots 

Confession time: as you can all imagine, I've been so god damn busy the past few weeks that I haven't had even a second to get outside and take photos. I know, I know...it's the cliche thing for bloggers to say when they don't post for a few days, but I swear I'm not kidding. Life is crazy (In the best way possible!) But, I'll admit, after my quick trip to LA last week, I pretty much hibernated in my bed (complete with new sheets of Egyptian cotton, feeling like Jesse Spencer right now) for a few days, and now I'm finding it pretty hard to get back to reality. But, fear not, because luckily we have a white backdrop for photo shoots at the Copious offices, and I never hesitate to jump in front of the camera in between projects at work...Call me a wanna-be celebrity, D-lister, camera whore, whatever you want, but I'll never pass up an opportunity to act like a complete loser in front of a camera. 

So, naturally I jumped in front of the backdrop today just to give you guys a quick update of what I'm wearing. Most importantly, I'm wearing this really cool navy and black varsity jacket from H&M that I'm kind of obsessed with. Today was a busy day in the office so I stayed really casual, but I also wore this bad boy to the Lookbook.nu Holiday Party last week, complete with tons of sparkles and leather pants. Maybe I'm a little ambitious, but I love the thought of mixing sporty with...sparkly? Don't get me wrong, I know a shimmering silver blazer may not be appropriate for a midday run to Starbucks, but if I throw a varsity jacket over it, not only do I feel innovative, but people won't even think twice about the sparkles! Nonetheless, I was super comfortable today whilst sitting at my desk listening to Ke$ha blasting throughout the office. I'll be out photographing tons of super awesome things this week, be sure to check them out as they come. Until then, see you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Photos: Karen Nga

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