Sunday, November 18, 2012


I could possibly be the last fashion blogger to get on the blogging Instagram's trend. Maybe I like to think that most of you already follow me on Instagram, so blogging the same pictures might be repetitive, but, the sad reality is that it's probably just not true! So, now I'm telling you to go follow me on Instagram, it'll be fun and worth your time. Trust me, I post the most ridiculous things, like that time I took a nap in a gas station, or got serious with some "ganglamb style." Plus, it's probably an easier way to see what the hell I'm doing with my life rather than waiting around for your royal slow-ness to blog again... (I swear, I'll be back full time, posting daily, within a couple days.) 

On the bright side, I can do a little more explaining here of what I've been up to this week, so here's the rundown: 

1. My friend Melanie and I at the Party Like a Fashion Blogger holiday party
2. My lovely and extremely-dapper friend Adam and I at the party
3. Early Thanksgiving Instagram photoshoot with my friend Tess
4. Saint Motel at the holiday party
5. The beauty of working for myself: the roof at sunset is my office
6. Goofing around at the Copious offices
7. Breakfast of champions from Starbucks...(or the easiest accessible breakfast)
8. Driving to LA from San Francisco (take me back!)

So, while I'm at it, I didn't mention earlier that I took an impromptu little road trip to LA for this party thrown by, Wasteland, and IVI. Was a great time, even though I was totally delusional from the excessive driving and singing-borderline-screaming that took place for way too many hours prior. But, it was so great to see some of my favorite people from Lookbook, and meet some others who I hadn't met yet, like the absolutely fabulous duo behind Sugar & Spice, KayKay and Madeline (we easily guessed which one was Sugar and which was Spice, talk about having the perfect blog name.) Also got to meet the seriously insanely fierce and beautiful Kendall of Galore, Beneath the Stars, and see Yuri, Jesus (founder) of Lookbook. Overall, here's what I got from my 24 hour trip: I need to move to LA immediately, and it's so nice to be a part of the family, everyone is beyond amazing, seriously, no joke! More soon, see you on Facebook, Twitter, and INSTAGRAM til then. Photos by: yours truly &


Unknown said...

Fiesta, fiesta. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte a conocer un poco de mi país en estas increibles fotografias, muévete a verlas, valen la pena. Besos y besos.

Kristina Wilde said...

Hey I was totally there too. Was definitely a fun night out.

Kristina Wilde