Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm Wearing: Vintage shirt, pants, and blazer, Romwe All-over Spike Cap, Dr. Martens Creepers 
There's something extremely satisfying about feeling pretty ridiculous in what you're wearing. Maybe it seemed like a good idea in your closet, but then once you get outside and people see you, you just feel kind of funny. But, in a way, it's invigorating and exciting. I know, I've got an obscene amount of black watch plaid on today, but I love them all together because they're each just slightly different. Mixing it up a little makes them all work together. Had they been all the same pattern, well I think I would have been asked to leave Paris and return to Scotland immediately. Sometimes it's fun to do things that make us uncomfortable. While I laughed at this outfit inside my house, once I got outside I felt a bit funny, but overall, it paid off,  and now I may just start wearing head-to-toe plaid from now on. Moral of the story? Have some fun, don't be shy, and do something unexpected. That's what fashion is all about anyways, right? More soon! Photos: Haleigh Walsworth


Jibril and Jalan said...

Nicely done with the matching plaid!!

Frannie Pantz said...

Brilliant! Love the studded hat and the plaid on plaid! I wore my saddle oxfords today as well!

Johannes Karlsson said...

I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!! Haha no but for real, I love all of your outfits!! <33