Thursday, January 24, 2013


I'm Wearing: Vegan Leather Jacket, Army Surplus Jacket, H&M Leather Pants, Sinstar Cross Snapback, H&M Black Hightops
Just a quick look at what I wore the other day in Paris, it was absolutely freezing, around -4 celsius! Paris was fabulous, it was so great to be back in my city with my best friends. I spent my days sitting at cafes, sipping coffee and watching the Parisians go by. Nights were crazy, back to my favorite bars in the world with some of my favorite people. But, after days of traveling (stuck in Iceland for 2 days!) I'm back in SF now, back to school, and back to reality. Not to worry though, back to Paris so soon! Oh, and I'm super into camo right now, I've been wearing way too much, I think I may get lost in the jungle at some point. More tomorrow, I'll tell you guys more about Paris then! Photos: Haleigh Walsworth