Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I'm Wearing: Vintage Blazer, Graphic Crew Neck, Hat, & Bag, H&M Wax Jeans, H&M Leather boots

Taking a cue from the layers of black and dark navy blue seen at Chanel for F/W'13, I decided to play with the colors myself. I'm clearly a fan of the color black. I would even go so far as to say I'm the color's number one fan. And maybe I've gone through a few phases where I add bright colors to my layers upon layers of black, but consider that a thing of the past. What's in right now, according to me anyways? Black and navy. One word: genius. One of my favorite looks this past Fashion Week was a textured collection of blacks and blues: leather, wool, metals and more, coming together to make a sort of dark punk Taylor Momsen meets prep school vibe. Consider me sold. So while I can't really rock the Chanel look that I dream of recreating, I decided I could play with the colors and textures myself. Waxed jeans, navy leather reptile bag, some layers of sweaters, you get the idea. My one request for the future is that more navy and black looks come together. Forget bright colors for spring, I'm two seasons ahead of myself already dressing for winter again. Photos: Hannah Jenny

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