Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm Wearing: H&M Leather Pants, Leather Sneakers, Basic Gray Hoodie & Beanie, Vintage Blazer & Bag

Two things that you never thought would work together, but actually do: leather pants and athletic wear. Leather pants: those shiny beautiful statement trousers that are permanently glued to my legs not only because they're so tight, but also because I can't get enough of them and, athletic wear: as in the clothes that you wear to the gym, something I've never done before. So much could go wrong when pairing the two, especially if actually wearing said outfit to the gym. However, for running errands and dashing from meetings to classes to nap time, said outfit makes for quite the comfortable ensemble. Such trends (sneakers with everything) have been seen on some of my very favorite superheroes, including the one and only Man Repeller and my dear friend, Frassy. And while we may have seen a shift during F/W Fashion Week this spring from pumped up kicks to the unimaginable, ever so confusing furry Birkenstocks, I just don't think I'm ready to give up on my new found sneaker obsession for something more furry and mind boggling. 

You guys know me well enough to know that anything having to do with sports or athleticism just isn't my thing. But, that's what's fun about rocking one of my new favorite trends. I never actually realized how comfortable sneakers could be. Plus, this oversized hoodie that I wear religiously around my house makes for the perfect athletic pairing. Granted, this isn't really all that athletic, but it is my take on the "I just came from the gym, but I have to run to a meeting" look. I'll continue to experiment with this while you all head over to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. Photos: Hannah Jenny 


MILEX said...

you rock

Max Westin said...

What a great hooded sweater!

Couns said...

Amazing outfit!
Love the pants! They're adorable!

Cathy Anderson said...

I love these sweatshirts. They are made like the quality ones from " back in the day"- nothing cheap here. They wash well, fit roomy true to size, don't fade and I was happy to find them.

Gianna Blake said...

That seems nice. I had seen similar stuff at the nearby department store but that was very expensive, whereas this deal is absolutely great to save extra bucks. Will surely look into it. You know I just bought the beyond yoga leggings and top too for my sister from an online store and save good money.