Monday, December 30, 2013


I'm Wearing: American Apparel Vegan Leather Shorts, Vintage Leather Jacket

It feels like there are just moments left of 2013. Moments - those split seconds that some people are too busy to notice, but could change another person's life. There are over 35 million of them in a year, but only a few will have a big impact on our lives. When the clock struck midnight 365 days ago, I promised myself that I was going to slow down and take in those moments in the coming year. With life comes chaos - a crazy mix of ups and downs, laughs and cries, highs and lows, and none of those should go unnoticed. So I sit here tonight on the roof of one of my closest friends building, over 35 million seconds later, looking back on those moments that I took extra care to remember this year. 2013 brought change, and a lot of it. Six months ago, I packed up everything I owned once again and chose a new city to call home. I loaded my car up with more clothes than I care to admit and all of my memories from the places I've called home for the past five years, San Francisco and Paris. I said goodbye to everyone and everything I know to chase this crazy dream I've had since I was young. This dream that I was destined to make a reality - a reality that couldn't wait any longer. My decision to move to Los Angeles wasn't a random decision, it was one I've been waiting for my whole life - one that I knew I would act on when the moment was right. And today, six months later as I reflect on where I am today, the only emotion I feel is true, pure happiness. That emotion that I've chased all over the world - the one that I got close enough to touch in San Francisco, and even closer in Paris and throughout my travels in Europe. As I look into the distance from the roof tonight, I see everything I've worked towards my whole life. To call myself lucky is an understatement; with friends that I call my family in cities all over the world, and memories that keep me smiling each and every day from my experiences up until today, I can't imagine having my life be any different. And while I learn and grow in my career, I can't help but be excited about where I'll be a year from now. A year filled with moments of growth, realizations, joy and sadness, excitement and fear, a year that will bring me closer to my ultimate career goals and closer to the amazing people in my life. As I work hard every day, I get closer and closer to being able to branch out on my own, to leave corporate life behind and continue to build my own brand. 2014 promises to be an exciting year for my personal and professional growth, and I can't wait to share it here. So as I ring in the new year, I look forward to this little blog that has brought me so much joy coming back full force - and I promise not to disappoint. Cheers to one of the most amazing years of my life, and to the unforgettable moments that are waiting in 2014. 

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Jonthegold said...

great style!! i like this outfit...u rocked it

greets jon