Saturday, April 26, 2014


I'm Wearing: H&M skinny jeans, old navy tshirt, vintage flannel and boots, Sin Star Clothing Snapback 
This week has been extremely trying for me so today, I spent the afternoon with my friend Haleigh, talking about life, work, and Paris to cheer myself up. Sometimes things don't work out the way that you wish they would, but I'm coming to realize that there is always a reason for that. Some things just aren't meant to be, and when you come out on the other side, hopefully you've learned something and you're a bit stronger to take on the next obstacle. Even though I'm only 22, I'm extremely hard on myself with a lot of things, especially my career. I have a lot of dreams that I want to accomplish, and I'm getting closer and closer to achieving them every day. But, there are always bumps along the road and it's important to take second to understand them. Every morning when I walk into my office, I remind myself that I'm one day closer to my ultimate goal. And while I may not be exactly where I want to be, I keep reminding myself that I'm 22 years old, a successful publicist with a beautiful home and new car, amazing friends that I call my family in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Paris, and I'm working hard every day to achieve my goals. I guess things aren't too bad, after all, but I wouldn't be human if I didn't have a few down days once in a while. Stay tuned for more, or say hi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Photos: Haleigh Walsworth