Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I feel the need to celebrate - this is a huge occasion because if you didn't notice above, I'm wearing blue jeans for the first time in years. It's probably been at least 2 years since I last broke out these amazing vintage Gucci jeans, because as everyone knows, I wear a lot of black. Black skinny jeans are my security blanket, similar to the hats that I often wear, and I don't stray from them too often. But, times are changing, and maybe a bit more color will start showing up this summer. I like how casual I felt in them, and they also brought back a lot of memories from Paris where I stumbled upon them in a vintage store and bought them for the bargain price of 10 euros - one of the best things about living in Paris was the constant vintage shopping that I quickly became addicted to. Scouring bins upon bins of treasures - and never spending more than a few euros, was the most satisfying experience. Needless to say, I collected a lot of black pieces too, but I'll always be a fan of these jeans, and casual clothes are my best friends lately - getting ready for a work trip to New York this weekend and have been running around like a mad man, but I'm excited to head back to the east coast for a bit and have a change of scenery. Stay tuned for updates, but head over to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the mean time. Photos: Haleigh Walsworth 


Unknown said...

The look is amazing! I'm in love with your boots <3
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Unknown said...

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