Thursday, July 24, 2014


There are many words to describe my life lately - the roller coaster journey I've been on has taken me in directions I've never thought possible. But, I can finally share the news that I've taken on a new opportunity beginning next week that is about to change my life. I've decided to leave corporate America behind - the world that I never fit into and follow my dreams. With just a few days left at my current company, I've been in a constant state of reflection. While I've certainly been lucky to cultivate beautiful relationships at this company, I've felt restricted for so long. In a time when the business needs it most, the creative ideas that could make a huge difference seemed to fall to the wayside and I became trapped in a corporate mindset - something I told myself I would never do. It's easy to become comfortable in a corporate setting where you're good at what you do. Nobody asks you to challenge yourself - instead asking you to refrain from being too "out there." But in my last few weeks on the job, I was in Miami for MBFW Swim, a week I've become very accustomed to and fond of. So while I prepare to say my goodbye's, I spent the last week with the people I've become so close with in Miami enjoying the shows and gearing up for a successful 2015 season. Of course, I had to make time for wine with my friend Caroline at the Soho Beach House - one of my favorite spots in Miami. More soon on the new gig and new outfits. Stay tuned. Stay in touch on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter til then.